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1 Attribute 2.0 on Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:00 pm


As you rp and gain EP, your character will gain Levels. You can only climb so many Levels before you must Tier up to progress in power. What Levels do for you is give you an increase in general power, this is done by giving you points to allocate to your character's attributes. Like the characters, Attributes have Tiers as well. These Tiers are reached by allocating points into each Attribute. When you reach a certain threshold of points, you Attributes will be likened to a certain character or feat accomplished from One Piece Canon.

This system is designed to make it so multiple levels exist when it comes to Attributes and while a member can equate their potential to a Canon occurrence, they can always determine where they stand in regards to Attributes when compared to others.

Lvl 1-10 Tier 1 +3 Points
Lvl 11-25 Tier 2 +7 Points
Lvl 26-35 Tier 3 +7 Points
Lvl 36-40 Tier 4 +8 Points
Lvl 41-45 Tier 5 +8 Points
Lvl 46-50 Tier 6 +10 Points

1-15 Normal Human in Peak Condition

16-30 Pre Time Skip Sanji

31-40 Rob Lucci

41-55 Time Skip Sanji

56-59 Time Skip Zoro

60-89 Tom

90 Garp




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