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1 Quirk System on Sun May 29, 2016 1:15 pm



A Quirk, simply put, is a special power that someone may possess and they come in a variety of categories. Emitter, Transformation, and Mutant. Before further elaborating what each of these classifications entail, we will expand on the history, manifestation, inheritance, and laws concerning Quirks.
The first Quirk discovered was that of a baby in China who was literally born glowing. Ever since that point in time, more and more people have been born with Quirks until we've reached a point in time where approximately 80% of the population has a Quirk, making the Quirkless, the minority. Those bearing Quirks now being the norm in society, the world has evolved into a place where Super Heroes are seen as the primary keepers of peace, while they battle super villains who use their Quirks for their own selfish desires.
How Quirks came to be is unknown, but one thing that has been confirmed is that majority of those that will manifest Quirks are missing the last joint in their pinky toe. This joint considered as useless, it could be said that the development of Quirks is just showing that the human race is evolving. Onto actual manifestation of these gift, most children begin to exhibit the ability to use their Quirks at around age 4, though some are born with their Quirk already manifested. Though it is extremely rare, animals have shown to possess Quirks as well.
Quirks have come to been seen as something passed on through genetics. Though this doesn't guarantee that two Quirk bearing parents will produce a Quirk bearing child, research has shown that not only are the chances higher, but that Quirks are typically passed down from parent to child. This leads to some families having specific Quirks tied to their names especially should they be active in the Professional Hero community. In addition, though it is not unheard of of two people purposely producing children for the sake of creating a child with a combination of both their Quirks.
Though majority of the population possess a Quirk may it be powerful or seemingly useless, usage of Quirks in a public setting is unauthorized unless you are a Pro-Hero. This even accounts for using Quirks in self-defense.

2 Re: Quirk System on Sat Jun 04, 2016 12:11 am



Now we will talk about more OOC based things. Similar to many of our other systems on My Hero Academia, when it comes to Quirk usage we use very free flowing guidelines. In addition to this freeform style we follow the standards that canon has set. Contrary to how some people see Quirks, they are meant to be seen as part of the user's body. They operate like the muscles of the body in the sense that they have limits that they can be pushed to a limit, exhausted, and in the sense that they grow with usage. Before we begin delving into another topic, lets talk about how Quirk usage works first.

Given our Stamina System is non-numerical and is integrity based, it makes one wonder how exactly using a Quirk works, but it's rather simple. To begin here on My Hero Academia there are no such things as "Skills" or techniques that must be registered and activated in the midst of a topic. This system is purposely open ended and allows members to really push their Quirks to the limits, explore their creativity, and use their words to really portray what it is they are attempting to accomplish. For the most part once you finish the Quirk registration process, your Quirk shouldn't need much more OOC maintenance and you just go from there. There are some limits and criteria that must be met however.

  • To start, while there is a lot of freedom within the systems here, we do not tolerate people who constantly push their Quirk's limits, Powerplay, or just participate in unfair conduct concerning Quirks, Stamina or anything actually. The freedom is for fun, not for users to constantly exploit the breathing room and make things unenjoyable.

  • There is a Quirk Development system which will be discussed next, but all Quirks are to start at the beginning of this ranking system. This means Quirks must be trained through RP to become more powerful and no one starts ahead of others.

  • Each member is allowed to change their Quirk one time, but this Quirk change must be done while the character is still fairly fresh. Should the character have participated in 3 or more topics or be involved in an Event topic they are ineligible to change Quirks regardless if the Quirk was used or not.

  • Quirks are to have clear cut weaknesses and limitations that are detailed on the application for the Quirk. If you can not think of logical weaknesses and limitations for your Quirk then ask for help. Quirks will not be accepted without weaknesses and limits, there is no minimum amount of weaknesses and limitations a Quirk needs to have, we simply look to see that the Quirk is balanced while still giving you an edge and power in certain areas.

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    3 Re: Quirk System on Sat Jun 04, 2016 12:12 am



    Quirk Development
    Now onto the fun part. Quirk Development is exactly what it sounds like, the growth of one's Quirk. As stated in the Rule section, Quirks all start out at a beginner level that will be called Level 1. There are a total of 5 Levels, leaving 4 to be climbed since you beginning at Level 1. To make it simple and to the point, you climb these Levels by showing you have immersed your character in three key things. Story, Training, and Battle.

    • Story

      • Story is what it sounds like. What has your character been through since their journey's began? We aren't asking for dramatic personality changes, but just a nice story that doesn't just include everyday life for a student at a school that trains the Super Heroes of tomorrow. You should be sure to participate in Events, RP with others, and take on some Field Missions if you are eligible.

    • Training

      • Training is easy to understand. Dedicate some time and words to training your Quirk or better put, exploring your Quirk should you be at a lower Level. Have you character push their limits and discover their versatility. Perhaps you want to test your skills in a spar with another, win or lose, the aim should be to have your character learn something new about their Quirk. Remember, a Quirk is like a muscle. You work it out to tear down the fibers and then they regrow stronger than ever.

    • Battle

      • One may ask what's the difference between battling and sparring in the event they are working on the Training side of Quirk Development. The difference is when we say Battle we mean actual Battle where things aren't regulated, but done with true intent to harm or truly push one's limits. An example would be an exam where the students have to face off against one another or a teacher, but with a far more serious atmosphere and with the bout being formal and not a casual skirmish/spar. In the chaos of battle real limits are realized and one can discover their true potential, for that reason we urge players to get comfortable with combat, because it will be a something needed to grow more powerful.

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