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1 Iwate Hero Academy Description on Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:10 pm

Iwate Hero Academy is where all of the pro heroes to be train and learn the art of becoming true heroes. They take their basic courses in the afternoon, but during the morning they take many classes to become heroes. Some may take combat based classes to help them adapt to fighting villains, while others may take classes to deal with certain environments and situations, like rock climbing and fires. There are also different sections, such as more regular sections of the school where people may simply be engineers, creating strong and versatile gadgets to make hero lives easier, and use their quirks to their full potential, as well as using strong gadgets themselves. Many people from Iwate Hero Academy are gifted with strong quirks and lineages, some being recommended into Iwate Hero Academy, and some simply being able to power through the tests. In either case, whatever circumstance you find yourself studying at Iwate Hero Academy in, it is a very prestigious position, and students can find themselves with high expectations, and have great things expected from them. Students from Iwate Hero Academy can find themselves forming a rivalry with kids from Hokkaidō High, as the other school is way down the ladder in terms of prestige, and the school has far different ideals, with the kids usually being harsher than the kids from Iwate.

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