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1 Hokkaidō High Description on Mon Jun 20, 2016 12:07 am

Hokkaidō High, otherwise known as an "at risk kids reformation facility," where kids who are more brutal and have small crime histories are put to be reformed into heroes and productive members of society. Technically, it has many of the same facilities that Iwate Hero Academy has, with engineering departments for gadgets, and different classes for new situations, it could not be different. Hokkaidō High has far less funding than Iwate, being more of an at risk facility, but what Hokkaidō High lacks in prestige and funding, it makes up for in unorthodox teaching methods where teachers are not afraid to use brutal methods, with students making up for in equal brutality. While it is true that the facility is completely legal by government standards, and is meant for reformation, it turns out that it produces far more villains than it does actual heroes, as most lose hope after seeing the state of the high school they find themselves in when compared to Iwate. There are rumors of corruption within the ranks of Hokkaidō High, with villains infiltrating the school to turn the minds of kids to a far less noble path, though nothing has been proven as of yet. When down here in the depths of hero society, it is easy to find yourself hating stuck up people in Iwate Hero Academy who have great things handed to them, and the rest of hero society in general.

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